[WikiEN-l] Re: [Wikipedia-l] Eric's abuse of his sysop powers

Poor, Edmund W Edmund.W.Poor at abc.com
Mon Oct 20 21:00:31 UTC 2003

Thank you, Erik, for your eloquent report. Clearly, you are doing your
best to avert an edit war.

Although I "side" with the POV that Mother Theresa is a saint -- and
disagree with all that nasty Hitchens stuff -- there is something else I
side with which must take priority: our mutual commitment to the Neutral
Point Of View.

James, I do hope you will look to me as a role model. As you know, I
love Rev. Moon but I have a near-perfect record of avoiding edit wars on
Moon-related articles. Please, take a look at the history of the last 2
months. Some anonymous IP added a whole bunch of slanted stuff to [[Sun
Myung Moon]], [[Moonies]], etc. You will note that I didn't revert. I
just have been slowly making NPOV corrections and adding new info.

It pains me to move so slowly, but I value my reputation as a
fair-minded sysop. 

I'm confident that Eloquence (Erik) and JTD (James) can work this out,
and I'm already looking forward to bragging to all my off-line friends
about what a congenial bunch of on-line colleagues I've found here!

"Uncle Ed" Poor

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