[WikiEN-l] Warning to RK

Jimmy Wales jwales at bomis.com
Mon Oct 20 20:03:43 UTC 2003

The following are examples of unkind and antisocial remarks that
I'm not going to tolerate for much longer.  RK, if you can't keep
yourself from engaging in attacks on others, I'm going to have to
ask you to leave the project permanently.

The truth or falsity of the charges RK is levelling may or may not be
an interesting topic, but it's really beside the point.  We just don't
act this way on Wikipedia.  Everyone needs to proceed with kindness
and benevolence towards other contributors.

This kind of behavior only escalates problems, it doesn't solve them.

>From page history of [[ecoterrorism]]

"(Reverting bald-faced lies and apologetics for mass murder. This
article was not only a POV violation, it is hatespeech.)"

from page history of [[PETA]]

"(Stop trying to hide facts. This is an encyclopedia, not a whitewash
machine.  We need to add more information, not delete things to make
you feel comfortable.)"

And the talk page for PETA:

"Ah, like so many others here, Axel believes that the way to achieve
NPOV is not to make this a better and more comprehensive encyclopedia,
but to cut out material until one achieves some kind of balance. What
nonsense. This isn't about NPOV. Axel is just minimizing a viewpoint
he doesn't want to see in print.  RK 16:23, Oct 19, 2003 (UTC)"

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