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Sheldon Rampton sheldon.rampton at verizon.net
Sun Mar 16 04:29:13 UTC 2003

Daniel Ehrenberg wrote:

>Maybe we should create another sister-project to the wikipedia about current
>events. I was just thinking about it and there are major problems with
>usenet news groups and kuro5hin.org, so they are not reliable as a news
>source.  The monopoly-owned mass-media that we depend on are often biased
>and incomplete, but a wikipedia one would present each point of view as an
>OPINION, not a FACT.  We wouldn't leave out facts like they normally do to
>create a stronger bias. Wikiwiki would work very well for independant media.
>   What do you think?

I think we should go further still and shoot for the ultimate goal of 
creating "Wikimedia." That's media with an "m." It would use 
Wiki-style rules to enable public participation in the creation and 
editing of all kinds of media: encyclopedias and other reference 
works, current news, books, fiction, music, video etc. Like current 
broadcast media, it would have differentiated "channels" and 
"programs," each with self-selecting audiences. Unlike current media, 
however, the audience would also be actively involved in creating its 
own programming, instead of merely passively watching it.
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