[WikiEN-l] Re: Text color problem again.

Richard Grevers lists at dramatic.co.nz
Wed Jun 18 22:22:52 UTC 2003

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 11:25:16 -0700, Stevertigo <stevertigo at attbi.com> gave 
utterance to the following:

> First of all - a rule in psychology is "noone can *make you angry."
> Carrying this theme over to the color issue: No one can make you see 
> colors
> you dont want to: Its your job to manage the settings of what you see 
> there.
> So, in windows - internet options - under accesibility - you can "ingnore
> colors specified on web pages"  Under colors you can "use system colors".
> Then the color profile you set from the desktop (right
> click -properties..etc.) will apply to your web content too.
> In Mozilla - its similar - only the "ignore" and "use system colors" are
> both on the colors page.

So what exactly do the settings for two web browsers that I hardly ever use 
have to do with the way my e-mail client displays things?
> There you go - that way no matter what I do - (cause these are all sent 
> text
> only anyway - so i dunno.) it wont come up unreadable.
Bzzt - wrong. You are sending Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
	boundary="----=_NextPart_000_0025_01C3357D.255F69E0" which includes a 
text/plain part and an text/html part which specifies <BODY 
bgColor=#202020> and contains numerous font tags which set the text color 
as #000000 (black).

The initial fault is Julie's (she posted in multipart with both text and 
HTML to start with, but MSOE seems to have a rather severe bug when 
replying to multipart messages - applying your bg colour but the original 
message's font colour.

I humbly suggest that:
1) Julie endeavour to post only text/plain to mailing lists (have you 
*seen* what multipart messages can do to a digest or archive?)
2) Steve endeavours to find a setting whereby OE replies to multipart 
messages only in text/plain. (Many mail clients have such a setting)
3) Both of you try to find a decent mail client. :-)

Richard Grevers
I'm not lost - I'm directionally challenged

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