[WikiEN-l] Crackpot articles

Jimmy Wales jwales at bomis.com
Sat Jul 12 06:08:32 UTC 2003

Chong Yidong wrote:
> [[Plasma cosmology]]
> [[Dynamic theory of gravity]]
> [[Rotating magnetic field]]

I know little enough about physics that I can't say anything
meaningful about these particulars, but I would say

(a) if those are valid concepts about which we need an article, we
should patch these up or rewrite them so they aren't nonsenese

(b) if those are *known* and *popular* crackpot ideas, then we should
have an article about them, identifying them *as* ideas that are completely
rejected by the consensus of leading scientists or NPOV verbiage to that

(c) if those are *individualized* crackpot ideas, i.e. stuff made up
by one anonymous crank, then after some time on 'votes for deletion'
they should just be deleted, not for being false, but for failing the
test of confirmability.


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