[WikiEN-l] Re: Zoe becoming a sysop

james duffy jtdirl at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 11 05:19:36 UTC 2003

I hope that Zoe has not withdrawn her request. In my four months here Zoe 
has been one of the most impressive people I have come across, and 
considering some of the talent and ability working on Wiki, that says 
something. I don't imagine her becoming some sort of mini-Hitler. I missed 
(had the luck to miss?) the start of the Lir /children of Lir saga, but I 
for one would like to see Zoe get the position. Every so often Wiki does 
attract vandals, nutters, nutty vandals, not to mention people who were 
obviously in the lavatory when God was giving out charm (DW?) so we need 
people like Zoe empowered to deal with them; once she does more of a Kofi 
Annan than a George Bush I'll be quite happy.


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>As I've said to Jimbo off list, forget it.  If I can't be trusted, if I'm 
>so disliked, don't give me the damn thing.
>  Jesse Alter <jesse at snacksoft.com> wrote:No objections here. I'd just like 
>to caution others against seeing this
>as an issue of good versus evil. I don't mean to preemptively accuse
>Zoe, as she has, from what I understand, a pretty good track record, but
>I wish to see both Lir and Zoe being held to the same standards. Lir
>shouldn't get any lenience because he/she (I'm confused) is learning
>what constitutes a good contribution, and Zoe should not get any
>lenience because she is in a more authoritative. I hope my comments
>don't seem presumptuous or accusatory. I'm still quite the
>newbie/outsider in Wikipedia terms, I think.
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