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limholt at excite.com limholt at excite.com
Tue Aug 19 09:41:17 UTC 2003

One of the goals generally included in the Wiki 1.0 discussion is the creation of a paper Wikipedia. This sems to have an assumption that lot's of material gets dropped or summarized. I agree with the necessity of that, since paper must be more limited that a hard drive file to be practical. But what about those areas where we have lots more info than a general encyclopedia?

This is a thought about some of the leftover material. I don't mean to imply a well thought out procedure, but a procedure outline sems the most direct way t explain this idea. So, here comes a three step procedure.

1. Complete a list of possible additional paper books to go with the paper Wikipedia 1.0. Examples would be "The Encyclopedia of Rock", "The Enc. of Science Fiction, with Character Ibdex", "Star Trek Encyclopedia", "Enc. of American Biography", etc., etc. 

2. When reviewing Wiki articles to include in the paper 1.0, see if a copy goes in any other stacks. For articles droped, put them in their specialized stack.

3. When finished, examine the other stacks to see which have publishable volume and content. Then see if a publisher is interested.

Just a thought....

Thanks,  Lou Imholt (LouI at Wiki)

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