[Toolserver-l] General maintenance notice: Monday, June 6th

River Tarnell river.tarnell at wikimedia.de
Tue May 31 21:41:06 UTC 2011

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On the morning (UTC) of June 6th we will performance general maintenance[0] 
on all servers.  Services will be affected as follows:

 Service                   | Expected impact
 Entire platform           | As described in maintenance schedule[0]
 FishEye                   | Unavailable for < 10 minutes

[0] https://wiki.toolserver.org/view/Maintenance_schedule

Start time: Monday, 6th June, 0800h UTC (or possibly earlier)

End time: Monday, 6th June, 1200h UTC (estimated)


We will install current operating system patches on all servers, which will
require a reboot of each system.


We will enable IPv6 on the NFS server, which might make /home 
unavailable for a short period even if hosts are up.


FishEye will be upgraded to 2.5.5.


We will perform general software upgrades for ts-specs (/opt/ts).  A list of 
software to be upgraded can be found at:


Some software may be unavailable or function incorrectly during the upgrade 
process, which we estimate will take under 30 minutes.

Note: Mono will not be upgraded due to a build failure which was not 
fixed in time for the maintenance.

ts-specs (/opt/ts software) changes
- -----------------------------------

We now build software with GCC stack-smashing protection (-fstack-protector) by 
default, and several packages have been rebuilt to benefit from this.  This 
should not cause any user-noticable changes.  

Some notable changes are detailed below:

- ----

The "webpconv" binary is no longer provided; instead, use cwebp and dwebp.

- -------

We will install a set of root CA certificates for OpenSSL, which will enable
SSL connections (e.g. from cURL or wget) to work by default, as long as the
certificate is valid, rather than requiring the user to provide a certificate
or disable checking.

The set of installed certificates will be the current Mozilla root certificate
set (from Firefox) and the Toolserver CA certificate from 

Python 3
- --------

The default version of Python 3 (/usr/bin/python3) will change to 3.2.  Python
3.1 will be removed during the following maintenance.

- -----

The MySQL client will be upgraded to 5.5.12, and will move from 
/opt/ts/mysql/5.1/bin to /opt/ts/bin.  If you currently call "mysql" without a 
path, you do not need to change anything.  If you use 
"/opt/ts/mysql/5.1/bin/mysql", you should change to "/opt/ts/bin/mysql" (or 
preferably remove the path and rely on $PATH).  The old (5.1) client will still 
be available for now.

The MySQL client library will also move to /opt/ts/lib.  The old client library 
will still be available, but if you have any compiled software which links 
against MySQL, you should re-compile it with the client library in /opt/ts/lib.

- ------

libpng has been upgraded from 1.4 to 1.5.  A 1.4 runtime library is provided 
for compatibility, but if you have any software that links against libpng, you 
should recompile it with 1.5.  The following warning (from the libpng 
documentation) applies to this upgrade:

	The libpng 1.5.x series continues the evolution of the libpng API, 
	finally hiding the contents of the venerable and hoary png_struct and
	png_info data structures inside private (i.e., non-installed) header
	files. Instead of direct struct-access, applications should be using 
	the various png_get_xxx() and png_set_xxx() accessor functions, which
	have existed for almost as long as libpng itself. (Apps that compiled 
	against libpng 1.4 without warnings about deprecated features should 
	happily compile against 1.5, too.)

- ---

GCC has been upgraded to 4.6.0.  This should be backwards compatible, so there
is no need to recompile software.  There are two relevant changes for C++ users:

* If you define _XOPEN_SOURCE, you need to use -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=600.  
  -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 will not work.

* GCC 4.6 will no longer accept a const object without a ctor, i.e.:

    struct S { };
    const S o;

  The fix is to either add an empty constructor, or explicitly default-initialise
  the object:

    const S o = S();

	- river.
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