[Toolserver-l] cronsub

Krinkle krinklemail at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 02:36:23 UTC 2011

Op 8 jan 2011, om 03:28 heeft River Tarnell het volgende geschreven:
> I've made a couple of changes to cronsub in response to some issues  
> reported by
> users.  Specifically:
> * cronsub now requires that the script file be executable, and will  
> raise an
>  error if it's not.  The previous behaviour was that non-executable  
> scripts
>  would be executed by /bin/sh.  If this affects you, the fix is to  
> make the
>  script executable (chmod +x).
> I appreciate that the first item may be a breaking change for some  
> users.
> However, on balance this seems like the lesser evil.

I had an entry in my crontab like:

55 * * * * cronsub -l -s krinkle_clogger $HOME/bots/clogger-start.sh

I got e-mails since a few minutes ago about it not being executable.
This can be fixed by giving the user that executes it (in most cases  
the owner, you) the chmod x right

So if it were chmodded like 644 it now needs to be 744 :)


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