[Toolserver-l] Compressing stats files better (was; Re: /mnt/user-store is full)

River Tarnell river.tarnell at wikimedia.de
Mon Jan 3 00:35:18 UTC 2011

> We can compress to xz while the new disks arrive. I read that it is about 24
> TB, so, we can revert to gzip in the future.

PS: Yes, we are installing 24TB of disks (12x 2TB disks), but this is 
raw space.  To begin with, a 2TB disk is only 1,862 GB of real space.  
Assuming we configure the disks as RAID 50 with two 6-disk legs, that 
gives (1862*(6-1))*2 = 18,620 GB (18.2TB) usable space.  We will reserve 
some of this for internal use (such as backups), so the total amount 
available to users will be less than that.

When budgeting for this upgrade, we assumed 5TB would be used for 
user-store.  In reality, there should be a lot more than this (we 
originally planned to use 1TB disks); but it won't be a full 24TB.

	- river.

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