[Toolserver-l] mySQL on hyacinth is broken

DaB. WP at daniel.baur4.info
Sun Apr 18 03:06:14 UTC 2010

Hello all,

the mysql on hyacinth is not working at the moment. Hyacinth is our only 
mysql-server for the cluster s3 and s6 and our default server for s4. Because 
it is now away and we have no replacement at the moment, s3 and s6 can't used 
by tools at the moment (and the user-databases that were together with them). 
I switched s4 (commons) to rosemary (normal) and thyme (fast) so it can 
normaly used by tools that only access the database itself — user-databases 
that were together with s4 (on hyacinth) are unreachable at the moment of 

In my eyes the only repair for hyacinth is a re-setup of the database so it 
will take some time until it is back.

Because our JIRA is also down for security reasons, please report problems 
direct to the TS-Mailinglist.


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