[Toolserver-l] stable server end of life

River Tarnell river at loreley.flyingparchment.org.uk
Mon Oct 12 13:41:01 UTC 2009

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after some internal discussion we have decided that it does not make
sense to continue supporting the stable server.  after 2 years, stable
has seen very little uptake from users, and it creates significant
administrative overhead.  rather than spending time and money on a
little-used service, we will work to improve the reliability of the
normal Toolserver.

as a result, we will no longer accept new projects on the stable server,
and encourage existing projects to migrate to the normal Toolserver.
for stable projects with multiple maintainers, you can use a
multi-maintainer project: 


there is no difference for subversion hosting.  web hosting will require
a URL change from <http://stable.toolserver.org/projectname/> to
<http://toolserver.org/~projectname/>.  if you would like a redirect
added from the old URL after you move your project, file a request in

there is very little difference in software between stable and the
Solaris servers (wolfsbane/willow); if you find software you need which
is not installed on the normal Toolserver, file a request in JIRA.  (in
particular, the web server software is the same, so there is no need to
convert rewrite scripts.)

any users on stable who do not have accounts on the normal Toolserver
will need to request an account.  do not use the normal account request
process for this; instead file a request in the TS project in JIRA,
giving your stable username and project name.

there is currently no replacement for cache.stable.toolserver.org.
however, i will probably set up a general cache.toolserver.org in the

projects using the MySQL database on stable itself should request SQL
access for their project on the normal Toolserver, then move the
database over (e.g. using mysqldump).

for projects concerned about reliability compared to stable: in the
past, stable was more reliable because it was only a single machine,
while the normal Toolserver had multiple machines, and failure of any
one would cause downtime.  we will shortly remove the worst single
points of failure from the normal Toolserver (LDAP, NFS, and MySQL) by
adding redundant servers for these services.  we are also planning to
provide a backup for the web server, and we already have redundant login
servers.  we therefore expect the normal Toolserver to be more reliable
than stable, where failure of the single machine hosting it will cause

currently there is no fixed end-of-life date set for stable.  however, i
would encourage projects to move sooner rather than later.

	- river.
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