[Toolserver-l] Next level of stabilization

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 21:59:31 UTC 2009

Lars Aronsson wrote:
> I really want to get better geo tagging going in the Swedish 
> Wikipedia. To this end, WikiMiniAtlas was activated some weeks 
> ago. The activation went just fine. But the underlying database is 
> not up to date. This is because Stefan Kühn is rewriting the 
> script that extracts geo coordinates from the database dumps, and 
> he has many other things to do. I don't blame him. He's doing a 
> very good work, when he finds some time for it. But even if he had 
> a solution ready, current database dumps might not be available.
> Suppose database dumps were ready and WikiMiniAtlas was up to 
> date, and I would have some idea for a contest among Swedish 
> wikipedians to add more coordinates to articles with prizes being 
> awarded to the top ten contributors. That's the kind of project 
> for which I could apply for money. That money could cover some 
> costs for the toolserver or for the ticket for somebody to go to 
> the developer meeting. It would have many good side effects.
> Of course, the WikiMiniAtlas is just one example of a very 
> successful toolserver project that could generate such benefits.

Plan the contest to start by the time next dump is finished. Then run
the contest until next dump.
You don't even need the old dump to decide which geotags were added.
But wikipedians will like a more-or-less up to date list of articles
without geotags :)

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