[Toolserver-l] [IMPORTANT] home directory cleanup; sql-s1 server change

River Tarnell river at loreley.flyingparchment.org.uk
Sat Feb 28 17:31:27 UTC 2009

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first issue: sql-s1 change.  we will shortly be changing s1 from yarrow to
rosemary.  if you have user databases on yarrow, these will *not* be copied
over, and furthermore will be deleted when s3 is re-imported to yarrow.  if you
need to keep these databases, you need to dump them *now* using mysqldump, and
either import them into the new s1 server after the change, or import them back
into yarrow when s3 is reimported.

second issue: large home directories.

the following users have home directories larger than 10GB:

12978772        drh08
15633252        sk
15753754        voj
18902342        bryan
20391211        kolossos
34753424        cbm
41874315        dschwen
55842970        daniel

the following users have home directories larger than 1GB:

1206570 emijrp
1231049 tawker
1417818 dab
1437121 flacus
1461143 erenrich
1568766 purodha
1712819 simetrical
1834572 leon
1898741 fmaunier
2026644 kalan
2049700 chabacano
2170154 misza13
2447405 danny_b
2564363 tangotango
2890444 osamak
3260012 river
3860768 vvv
5070464 tparscal
5636581 gmaxwell
7112804 werdna

a full list of home sizes is here:

whether or not your name is on either of the above lists, but especially if it
is, please look at what's using disk space in your home directory and clean out
any old files you no longer need (for example, log files, old dumps, etc).
don't delete anything you actually need, though.

if you need to store dumps or other large files, you can put them in the shared
user store at /mnt/user-store instead of your home directory.

	- river.
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