[Toolserver-l] Betawiki translations

Purodha toolserver-l.wikipedia.org at publi.purodha.net
Fri Feb 6 10:52:17 UTC 2009

When thinking about new updating mechanisms for messages, please
also have an eye on pywikipediabot. Maybe, it can be made to fit
the scheme as well, in one go.
- pywikipedabot is in maintained in svn (together with MediaWiki)
- it is using the python programming language
- it has two kinds of messages:
  - ones being send to wikis to be stored there as edit comments
    or inside pages. These already have an i18n mechanism in place.
  - ones being shown to bot operators on the console.
    They are almost entirely English only, and not having an i18n
    mechanism estalished, and are not centralized, i.e. dispersed
    in program code.
    There are several tracker requests + reasons to i18n them, too.
- there are several such bots running on the toolsever, many
  of which "svn up" regularly or even automatically.

I'm available to make necessary changes to pywikipediabot, so
as to at least make the curently i18n-ed messages available for
being maintained at Betawiki.

Without deep investigation, I assume, that would be as easy as
moving them from their respective programs into extra include-files
in the vast majority of cases. They would be handeled very similar
to MediaWki messages, only with slightly different programming
language glue around them (due to python vs. php syntax).

Greetings, Purodha

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