[Toolserver-l] Betawiki translations

Purodha toolserver-l.wikipedia.org at publi.purodha.net
Tue Feb 3 21:48:45 UTC 2009

I second the idea, since I was planningto make a very similar
suggestion. I do not care whether via svn, or database, or both,
just choose the best, or most practical implementation.

I'd also suggest to have a "tool" key. While it is always fine
to recycle messages elsewhere, there is a risk to it. Messages
can be changed. Because of that, there should be one master, or
one place of authority having the final say, else we might run
into "edit war" situations when altering shared messages. In
other words: If it is not *my* tools key, and an amdeded message
is not useable any more, *I* must go and seek or create another

Have fun at FOSDEM!

Greetings, Purodha

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