[Toolserver-l] RfC: globalsitenotice

DaB. WP at daniel.baur4.info
Sun Aug 16 13:35:16 UTC 2009

Hello all,

at the moment it is difficult to inform our toolusers (people that use our 
tools) about planed maintainces, downtimes and other important things.

So I had the idea today that a kind of global sitenotice (like the one in the 
wikimedia-projects) would be nice and a easy solution for that. The easiest 
way to implement it is IMHO a simple textfile, that toolauthors 
may/can/should/whatever insert in their tools. I created such a file, it can 
be found at /var/www/sitenotice on wolfsbane and via 
http://toolserver.org/sitenotice. For normal the file would be empty or 
contains only a empty div-container. If the roots know about a planed downtime 
or an important change, they would insert a short text in the file and our 
toolusers would be informed.

The setup is differend to status.toolserver.org, because status lists only the 
current status, not a futuraly status.

Please comment at the toolserver-mailinglist and tell me/us if you would 
implement the sitenotice in your tools.


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