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River Tarnell river at loreley.flyingparchment.org.uk
Wed Apr 1 01:24:51 UTC 2009

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as you are no doubt aware, the Toolserver is perennially short of money, and
often cannot afford to buy hardware/software which would greatly improve the
reliability of the service.  after much internal discussion, we have decided
upon a solution to this problem, which we will be trialling shortly: paid

this works as follows:  basic Toolserver accounts remain free.  however, the
functionality of these accounts will be limited; free users cannot use more
than 64MB RAM, or 256MB of disk space, and cannot use more than 1 CPU-hour of
CPU time per day.  (this means CPU use is limited to, for example, 1 process
using 100% of a single CPU for 1 hour, per day.)  we will allow disallow some
additional features for free accounts: cron; screen; email forwarding;
phpMyAdmin and Subversion hosting.  web hosting will still be available.

because one of the main uses of the Toolserver is the replicated Wikimedia
databases, we will be allowing this even to free users.  however, each account
will be limited to 25 queries per day.  this should be fine for occasional

for users who need more than these basic resources, it will be possible to
purchase additional resources.  instead of having a single "paid account"
price, we decided to allow the purchase of individual resources.  this means
you can pay for only what you need.  the initial pricing structure (which is
subject to change) is:

* phpMyAdmin: EUR1/month
* cron: EUR5/month
* screen: EUR5/month
* unlimited SQL queries on *one* cluster: EUR2.50/month
* 'upgrade package' (includes phpMyAdmin, cron, screen and unlimited queries
  for all clusters): EUR15/month

* additional 64MB of RAM: EUR5/month
* additional 256MB of disk space: EUR5/month
* one Subversion repository: EUR2.50/month
* 'upgrade plus' package (includes upgrade package, plus the above): EUR25/month

other features:
* premium support: EUR5/month (gives priority to your ts-admins@ requests), as
  well as telephone support (subject to fair usage limits)
* one stable server project: EUR5/month
* dedicated virtual machine (Solaris zone), including root access: EUR10/month.

for users who need to buy more upgrades, for example a large amount of disk
space, bulk purchase discounts will be available; please contact ts-admins@ for
details on this.

we will wait a few weeks before implementing this change, to give users a
chance to decide what resources they need.  you can purchase your paid account
in advance, and it won't take effect until we make the change.  please mail
ts-admins@ for instructions on how to pay.

we hope this change will improve the Toolserver experience for all users, and
provide the much-needed funding we need to continue growing.  if you have any
comments or suggestions about this proposal, please discuss them on the list.

thanks for understanding,
	- river.
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