[Toolserver-l] mod_rewrite and global settings

Danny B. Wikipedia.Danny.B at email.cz
Tue Jul 31 16:38:18 UTC 2007


yesterday I've spent couple hours trying to solve pretty simple rewrite problem:

/~user/script/query -> /~user/script.php?query

and couple minutes ago I found out, where the problem was:

The toolserver is apparently set to handle links the way

/~user/script -> /~user/script.php

This global setting causes that it's not simple to solve the problem described above. Two hacks have been found to solve it but one doesn't fit other needs (/~user/script/query -> /~user/scriptwithdifferentname.php?query hack causes that /~user/script.php?query doesn't work anymore because of renaming) and second is pretty nasty (creating of /~user/script directory together with /~user/script.php - that unnecessary and unwantedly doubles the directory's content).

So far I know, .htaccess can override global settings but neither me nor couple of my friends I asked for help know how to override that.

Therefore I would appreciate one of these possibilities:
* any suggestion how to override/cancel (preferably complete working set of rules) this behavior
* remove this behavior from global settings and create .htaccess in every user's public_html directory with this rule as default (or add it to existing rules, if user already has his .htaccess there)

Thank you for any help.


Danny B.

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