[Toolserver-l] page text now available experimentally

River Tarnell river at wikimedia.org
Sat Jul 28 02:59:48 UTC 2007


it is now possible to access page text directly from the toolserver.  to
do this, make an HTTP request to:




the text is replicated in real-time to a dedicated server on the same
LAN as hemlock, so retrieval should be fast.

direct access to the text database is not available, because there is no
way to hide deleted and oversighted text then.

for legal reasons, you cannot distribute large portions of page text to
users.  i have added another rule explaining this at [[Toolserver/Rules]].

i understand Daniel is working on making Wikiproxy access the database
directly, so for people who already use that, no change will be required.

please report any problems with accessing the text.  this is currently
experimental and might disappear later, or not work properly.

	- river.

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