[Textbook-l] Treat only title of deepest subpage as display title in collections

Johannes Beigel johannes.beigel at pediapress.com
Wed Sep 22 11:25:19 UTC 2010


The Wikibooks projects make heavy use of hierarchical structures using "/" as delimiter in page titles which can result in very long article titles in rendered documents and books. With this changeset


(and the follow-up r73456) it's now possible to tell the Collection extension via

 $wgCollectionHierarchyDelimiter = "/";

to set the part after the last "/" in a page title as a "display title", i.e., the title that is displayed/rendered instead of the real page title (cf. the part about renaming articles on the help page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Books/for_experts#Saving_books).

I suggest that this setting will be included in the configurations of the MediaWiki installations for Wikibooks.

(Unfortunately this can't be enabled as a default for all MediaWiki installations, because there are lots of wikis that have "normal" page titles with "/" in them, e.g. [[AC/DC]] on en.wikipedia.org.)

-- Johannes Beigel

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