[Textbook-l] Are you a Wikibookian? Invitation to Online Interview

Amal Hanna Amal.Hanna at UniSA.edu.au
Mon Feb 15 01:54:47 UTC 2010

Dear Wikibook Contributor,

Thank you for those who participate in the online questionnaire which aims to assess the motivation of Wikibooks' contributors.

I am pleased to advise that the analysis of the data from the completed online questionnaires has been finalized. The analysis provides some initial insights into the reasons Wikibookians contribute to Wiki textbook projects. However, some of these results require further investigation to gain a better understanding of the motivation of Wikibooks' contributors.

Now, I would like to invite you to participate in the online interview. The interview will take from 30 to 45 minutes. This interview will be in the form of text chat. I have attached a 'Research Information Sheet', which provides more detailed information about the research and interview. This research project has been approved by the University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee. 

Could you please reply to this email with the appropriate local time for you to meet with you online? 
Date & Time: ----/----/2010 @---- AM or PM?
City: --------------------

Your reply will be considered as your consent (agreement) for the interview. When I receive your reply, I will add you to my messenger contact list, and you will then receive an invitation from InterviewonWikibooks 

I look forward to meeting with you online

Thank you

Kind regards

Amal Maher

PhD Candidate

School of Communication

University of South Australia

Email: Amal.Maher at UniSA.edu.au

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