[Textbook-l] No new wikis

Sanford Forte siforte at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jul 19 07:46:52 UTC 2003

Daniel Mayer:

> But I am a bit skeptical that we need to have so much of the ground work
> settled before actually working on the project. Too much planning for a
> project is like the birth of Athena in which she sprung forth from the
> of Zeus fully-grown, educated and in full battle armor - what a headache.
> I prefer a more organic approach in which the rules are made based on
> experience on what does and does not work. Yeah, of course, some basic
> parameters should be decided before that but those should be minima.
Good advice.

Regarding any textbook project that hopes to impact K-12, the only thing
necessary to have is the general framework in pace as a guideline, and
possibly a few working examples (existing textbooks) in hand to get a feel
for the 'demeanor' of the kind of material that is used 'on the ground' -
it's a good starting point.

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