[teampractices] Fwd: Please welcome Kristen Lans, ScrumMaster

Arthur Richards arichards at wikimedia.org
Fri Jul 25 18:10:21 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm very pleased to welcome Kirsten Lans to the Wikimedia Foundation, as
the first ScrumMaster [1][2] hire into the newly formed Team Practices
Group [3]. Kristen will be taking over ScrumMaster duties for the Mobile
Web and Mobile Apps Engineering teams.

Prior to joining WMF, Kristen worked for six years with the TED
prize-winning Encyclopedia of Life project [4], a free, open resource that
aims to provide access to knowledge about all life on Earth. Kristen helped
to pilot and facilitate the Encyclopedia of Life organization's agile
development and planning processes, and enjoyed working with the project's
global community of contributors. Kristen is thrilled to be continuing to
work towards open knowledge sharing for all at an even larger scale.

Kristen currently lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts with her husband and
dog, and is planning to relocate to the Bay Area by the end of the year,
and is looking forward to eating her way through the San Francisco's tasty
restaurants and taking advantage of the amazing outdoor activities in the

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ScrumMaster#Scrum_Master
[4] http://eol.org

Arthur Richards
Team Practices Manager
IRC: awjr
+1-415-839-6885 x6687
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