[QA] Proposal to close this list

Željko Filipin zfilipin at wikimedia.org
Tue Nov 5 11:57:57 UTC 2019

On Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 12:32 PM Antoine Musso <hashar at free.fr> wrote:

> Zeljko can you fill a task in phabricator to request the archival?  The
> list page at https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/qa would have
> to be updated to point to wikitech-l and a final mail to announce the
> switch.

Nobody complained in a week and there were a few votes for closing the
list, so I'm moving forward with this.

I've created the task in phabricator[0]. Feel free to tag it appropriately.

I have updated list page[1] and send the announcement[2].

0: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T237383
1: https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/qa
2: https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/qa/2019-November/002750.html
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