[QA] Adding new roles to targets in deployment-prep

Marko Obrovac mobrovac at wikimedia.org
Thu Nov 10 12:00:08 UTC 2016


Recently, Puppet configuration has been switched from Wikitech to Horizon,
and now I am not able to apply arbitrary roles to targets in
deployment-prep. Concretely, I want to test a new service there before
production. I cherry-picked my patch~[1] onto deployment-puppetmaster02 and
added the role I want to apply to the target node to Hiera~[2]. However,
the role has not been applied to deployment-pdfrender02 nor do I see the
role in Horizon's Puppet configuration list. What should I do? Is this
documented somewhere?


[1] https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/305256/

Marko Obrovac, PhD
Senior Services Engineer
Wikimedia Foundation
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