[QA] beta labs Tests were failing, and a tip to quickly see problems

S Page spage at wikimedia.org
Thu Sep 11 22:56:08 UTC 2014

Tests on beta labs that login or visit the Main_Page  were failing today
from around 17:00 - 19 hours UTC. It was a WikiData exception that was
fixed several hours ago.

I used to open the failed build report, open up Test results, click a
failure, then if its Error Message and Stacktrace make no sense, open the
Sauce Labs job URL and look at pictures or watch the screencast.

I notice that if the "Build Artifacts" section has .pngs in it, these are
usually screenshots of the failed run.  So, just click the pngs and you may
immediately see the problem. Much faster, e.g. <
I added this tip to <

=S Page  Features engineer
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