[QA] Problem with Selenium, MobileFrontend, or VisualEditor?

Chris McMahon cmcmahon at wikimedia.org
Mon Sep 8 21:28:05 UTC 2014

Just BTW, first known failure of this kind was 28 August.

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 10:17 AM, Željko Filipin <zfilipin at wikimedia.org>

> On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 5:36 PM, Chris McMahon <cmcmahon at wikimedia.org>
> wrote:
>> What's happening is that Selenium is trying to enter a string into the
>> ContentEditable div in VisualEditor manifested within the MobileFrontend
>> web view.  The first character of the string that Selenium types does not
>> show up as having been entered.
> #1 A month ago we had a similar problem with chrome not entering text
> correctly, and the problem was on sauce labs side.
> #2 I was not able to reproduce the problem on my machine (mac) with local
> firefox.
> #3 I was able to reproduce the problem on my machine with remote firefox
> on sauce labs.
> The above made me think the problem is again on the sauce labs side. To
> test my hypothesis I would like to create a small script that will work
> fine with local firefox, but fail with remote firefox. The problem is that
> we require users to log in in order to use mobile visual editor. That makes
> the script unnecessary long.
> Do we have mobile visual editor somewhere public where logging in is not
> required?
> Željko
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