[QA] future of gadget tests from qa/browsertest repo

James Forrester jforrester at wikimedia.org
Mon Jun 30 16:04:44 UTC 2014

On 30 June 2014 08:56, Chris McMahon <cmcmahon at wikimedia.org> wrote:

> We have two tests in the /qa/browsertests repo, and Matt wants to know
> what is going to happen to them:
> https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/142359/
> Tests for gadget certainly don't belong in /mediawiki/core.
> Since gadgets are not in gerrit (or under source control at all) we can't
> assign them to a repo.
> We have two tests for gadgets:  the test for HotCat runs in test2wiki. The
> test for ProveIt has not run in any environment in a long time.
> My preference is to have WMF be out of the gadget testing business.  We
> can't control what gadget code is deployed, and we can't reliably report
> bugs if we find any.
> If that is not acceptable, I could see creating a build of tests for
> gadgets (and whatever else) that should run against test2wiki without
> reference to anything in gerrit.  I would hesitate to accept any
> responsibility for maintaining that build or reporting results, though.

​That seems sensible – though​ in the future gadgets may be hosted in
Phabricator with a proper version control system, we aren't there yet, and
having tests for unmanaged code is never a good plan.

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