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Sun Jun 22 17:10:54 UTC 2014


Last week I had paired with Zeljko on Wednesday and Friday. Here is what we
did on Wednesday:

Zeljko started to reviewing my patch for language screenshot[1] and he
suggested the following changes:

* In the Gemfile, it would be better to have gems in sorted manner.

* Removal of LANGUAGE_SCREENSHOT environmental variable, as
LANGUAGE_SCREENSHOT_CODE when set, tells us that the test is run to take
language screenshot.

* Steps like: "I take screenshot of headings pull-down menu", does not
perform any activity which is required, for tests to be green(or should not
be in feature as it is something which is not related to browser tests),
hence it would be better to keep inside other step after which I would want
to have a screenshot.

* We moved the current written scenarios for taking language screenshot in
a new file called language_screenshot.feature, because it would not require
Background steps present in features which are there in VisualEditor.

* We also tried the code to zoom[2] into browser and it did work :)

* Also we made a small hack for "I am editing a random page" step where we
made a small hack on existing step "I am at a random page" by changing the
URL to "vehidebetadialog=true&veaction=edit" using @browser.url, which
gives us url at which the browser is.

* We changed the test name to the file name of the screenshot required. And
we added a Before hook for the scenarios so as to get the scenario name in
the step.

* We also discussed about the idea of getting minimum bounding rectangle by
drawing it in AWW[3] for the elements which needs to be cropped.

* At the end we were planning to make the part of cropping the image
simpler, which we did on Friday.

Zeljko: Let me know if I have missed anything, or I have written something
wrong up here.

[1]: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/135616/

[2]: http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/qa/2014-June/001568.html

[3]: https://awwapp.com/

Vikas S Yaligar
IT Department
NITK Surathkal
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