[QA] Why is puppet on deployment-sca-cache01 disabled?

James Forrester jforrester at wikimedia.org
Thu Dec 18 20:28:40 UTC 2014

On 18 December 2014 at 06:10, Antoine Musso <hashar+wmf at free.fr> wrote:

> Le 18/12/2014 09:11, Yuvi Panda a écrit :
> > Has been for about 6 days, is that still intentional?
> While at it, does anyone have any idea what this instance is for?

​SCA == Services Cluster A.

It's for miscellaneous things from the Services team – Mathoid, Citoid,
*etc.* – which don't deserve their own system. gwicke and akosiaris are the
ones working on that.

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