[QA] Parsoid back on beta cluster!

Antoine Musso hashar+wmf at free.fr
Thu Dec 18 14:15:37 UTC 2014


The Parsoid version used on the beta cluster has been stalled since Oct
28th.  Additionally, the cache in front of it was down.

We are now back to an up-to-date and automatically updated Parsoid
version which is functional.


In October, parsoid switched from node 0.8 to 0.10 which required to
create a new instance using Ubuntu Trusty.  Most of the configuration
has been done properly with one exception: the new instance has not been
registered as a Jenkins slave and thus the Jenkins job
beta-parsoid-update-eqiad still ran on the old instance.

End result: Parsoid was a stall version from October 28th

We found that because the Varnish backend cache went dead which prompted
people to investigate the Parsoid chain and figuring out the version was
wrong (in addition to varnish being dead).

The fix was quiet easy in the end:
- restart varnish on parsoidcache02
- pool deployment-parsoid05 as a Jenkins slave
- unpool deployment-parsoid04
- delete all its Parsoid config
- rerun the beta-parsoid-update-eqiad job


Antoine "hashar" Musso

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