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jagori samajdar jagori79 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 07:46:28 UTC 2014


I am confused regarding the commit messages which I should write for each
individual patch submitted against an issue.

This is in reference to the issue I had been working on:
My queries are as below:

   1. Should a commit message say what changes I have done in a particular
   patch submitted against an issue or should it refer to the issue in general
   am working on?If I have reworked my code basis the inputs provided,then
   what should be my commit message? Like in my case :should it be "Add test
   for long external link" or should it be "Rework long external link
   code"[since I had reworked my code from the previous commit basis the
   inputs given]
   2. How would I distinguish between individual commits?
   3. If I use WIP: in my commit message ,when should I remove that? If my
   work is awaiting feedback and approval from someone,should I keep WIP or is
   it if am confident enough of my code I should remove that?.

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