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Baochuan Lu lubaochuan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 17:16:03 UTC 2014

Hello everyone:

 I had a pairing session with Zeljko at 6am CDT 12/2/14 for an hour. We
didn't code but instead strategized the partnership between me (computer
and information science department) with Zeljko (wikimedia foundations). As
the result we reached a deep understanding of the vision of the project and
the expectations from both parties. We agreed that the main objective is to
get student involved in the mediawiki project. To this end we decided to do
the following to encourage student participations. (So far I have been the
only one participating in the pairing sessions, asking questions on mailing
lists, and generating activities on gerrit.)

1. Find a time for all participants to meet (Zeljko sent out a poll via
2. Zeljko is officially the students' senior project sponsor, who usually
provides business requirements, offers technical guidance, and helps grade
the students work.
3. Zeljko will set mini deadlines for students to keep them on track.

 We also brainstorm things for students to do, for example reporting or
fixing issues in documentation and checking out projects such as Google
code-in, summer of code, and Facebook open academy.

 Zeljko recommended the "Cucumber and Cheese" book to me. I have ordered a
copy and will delve into it soon.

 This has been a fruitful session. I look forward to our next one.

 Baochuan Lu
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