[QA] Reg::New issue search in Phabricator

Andre Klapper aklapper at wikimedia.org
Wed Dec 3 03:05:56 UTC 2014


On Wed, 2014-12-03 at 10:26 +1100, jagori samajdar wrote:
> Thanks for the link.Steps I did were :
>      1. Login to https://phabricator.wikimedia.org
>      2. Click on 'Projects' link on LHS vertical bar 
> By default the results show for Query:Joined and it shows  'No results
> found'. Between,What results show for the option 'Joined' ?

You can find out by clicking the "Edit Query" button next to "Showing
results for query "Joined"": It shows projects that you're a member of.

> Should it not show the tasks am working on and if they are in open
> state?

If you are not after projects but after specific *tasks*, please click
"Maniphest: Tasks and Bugs" on the frontpage. As you just found out
yourself, Phabricator is more than only task management. :)

Hope that helps!
Andre Klapper | Wikimedia Bugwrangler

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