[QA] Introductions

Judy Tuan judytuna at gmail.com
Thu May 30 17:34:45 UTC 2013

Kaltxì ma smuk! I'll jump in with an introduction, too!

- first and last name (and any other names if you have)
Judy Tuan, 段清梅 (duàn qīngméi, my Chinese name), Kxìyaw (my Na'vi name)

- where you live: county, city, time zone...
San Francisco, USA. PST (UTC -8)

- other ways of contacting you other than this mailing list: IRC nick,
blog, Twitter, Skype...
judytuna on irc, the wikipedia projects, twitter, facebook, skype, league
of legends, and most things
blog: http://judytuna.com

- a few words about yourself.
I'm a Ruby programmer at a mobile consultancy called Blazing Cloud. We use
rspec, cucumber, and jasmine. I sing a cappella, speak a little in Na'vi,
and play video games. I'm excited to learn more about how the Wikimedia
projects do automated testing (and what projects are in the most need of
coverage!) and I'm intending to organize a meetup in San Francisco to do
some cross-pollination between the Ruby and Wikimedia communities there!

I also went to the wikimedia hackathon in Amsterdam over the weekend, and
got to talk with Chris and Željko! I took really raw notes at their
presentation: http://wiki.judytuna.com/Browser_testing_(Chris_and_Zelko)

Hooray! Thanks for starting the introductions--it's fun to see what
everyone has to say about themselves =D
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