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Željko Filipin zfilipin at wikimedia.org
Thu Jun 27 10:26:35 UTC 2013

Hi testers!

Sumana has reminded me that this could be interesting to qa list, so I am
forwarding a question from wikitech-l.

I have a few ideas on how I would test a skin, but I will hold my opinion
until others have shared their thoughts. (If you are not familiar with
mediawiki skins, do not worry, neither am I.)

Thoughts? :)


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Hi guys!

It seems that I've sent my question when everyone was at hackaton so
the message have been missed and overlooked. So, how do you test
skins? I imagine that it should be large page with all kind of markup,
TOC'es, tables, elements with applied mediawiki-specific CSS-classes.
So when I look at this page with my skin I can instantly see all the
mistakes in the skin.

Or there is no such thing and skins shouwld be tested in some other fashion?
Yury Katkov, WikiVote

On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 10:01 AM, Yury Katkov <katkov.juriy at gmail.com>
> Hi everyone!
> How do you test Vector-compatible skins? I mean there are a lot of css
> classes that embedded in the Vector and in the extensions so I guess
> some data for tests should exist somewhere.
> -----
> Yury Katkov, WikiVote

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