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Carol Sanders carol at carolsanders.org
Sat Jun 22 03:42:46 UTC 2013

Here's what I did.
Browsed to:

after clicking on the links in from the email.

I logged in to github with my userid.-- carol at carolsanders.org.  I then
attempted to edit the file and create a  new file named hooks.rb when I
received message Permission denied.

In my - riza - repository I have buttons that allow me to create and
manipulate files.

This is why I was thinking I was not doing the right thing with



Carol A. Sanders
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On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Carol Sanders <carol at carolsanders.org>wrote:

>  On 06/20/2013 03:55 AM, Željko Filipin wrote:
>  On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 4:55 AM, Carol Sanders <carol at carolsanders.org>wrote:
>> I was attempting to create file hooks.rb but do not have write access.
>> Maybe I'm not doing to correct thing. I will copy Chris to see if he is
>> available to help with questions.
> Hi Carol,
>  feel free to post stuff like this to QA mailing list. I am pretty sure
> other people have similar problems.
>  To answer your question I would need more data. Could you please let me
> know what you did and what error messages you got (if any)? Copy/pasting
> your code and/or terminal output would help.
>  As I said before, feel free to send the answer to QA list.
>  Željko
> Hi Zeljko,
> Will do.
> Thanks
> :)
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