[QA] Gerrit/QA/BrowserTests rights and one other silly question

Chris McMahon cmcmahon at wikimedia.org
Mon Jun 10 16:09:19 UTC 2013

Ccing the QA list...

On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 4:54 PM, Tomislav Plavcic <tplavcic at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I tried to do one easy task of those which Zeljko listed just to get
> started on the workflow with git, gerrit and to get familiar with
> cucumber,watir and other stuff.
> So i refactored the UserPage class to VisualEditorPage (task #1) but
> it seems i don't have push right on the repository (go figure :)
> Well, i'm not sure what's the policy on this so please inform me...

I think that you should be able to do this.  When you follow the directions
at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Gerrit/Getting_started, what error
messages to you get?  For example, you should be able to do

$ git clone ssh://plavi@gerrit.wikimedia.org:29418/qa/browsertests

Then do

$ git checkout -b plavi_branch

Then make some changes in the code.  When you are done, do

$ git commit --all

This will put you into your default editor where you are required to create
a commit message for your new branch.  After you write the message and save
it in your editor, you would do

$ git review

This should give you a message about creating a "review id" and other
things.  After that happens you should see your push when you are logged in
to gerrit at https://gerrit.wikimedia.org

Is there a particular step here that is not working for you?

> Secondly, when registering in Gerrit there was Username field and
> below that Password field, and more below shell instance account name.
> I was confused with the ordering (and names) of fields (so I put
> "plavi" in first and the last). Gerrit now uses "plavi" as my Full
> Name on other pages in application, and also as Username (but that is
> o.k.).
> It's not a big deal but if it's possible to change it it would be nice
> (I don't have that option from menu).

We can fix this I'm sure, but let us figure out where your issue is with
gerrit first.

> Thank you!
> --
> Tomislav Plavcic
> Theoretically, if I cut costs enough we'll be profitable without
> selling any products... Dilbert
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