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Hello all,
hi Merlijn,

here is my comment:
I also suggest reverting purodhas changes of cause we got a lot of messy bugs and side effects and it is hard to debug that problem. As descibed [1] bug #3136444 was introduced which disables removing wrong interwiki links. But just uncommenting the corresponding lines causes errors in some special cases when new is not None but empty while self.originPage is None (sorry but I was not investingating the whole stuff). Two other known follow-up bugs are #3134802 and #3140832 and maybe there are other misbehaviors.

It is not unusual to implement new features but it should be long time tested in test and real environment. And I guess this was not.


[1] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:Code/pywikipedia/8765#code-comments

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> Hello all,
> I'd just like to note that I'm really not happy with this:
> On 21 December 2010 01:11,  <valhallasw at svn.wikimedia.org> wrote:
> > Follow-up to r8784: introducing iwkeys
> >
> > The changes by purodha seem to have some more side effects due to tight
> > coupling inside the library code. This commit fixes some additional
> > interwiki mess [1], but I am *uncertain* of any new introduced side-
> > effects.
> >
> > If any more issues arise, I suggest reverting purodha changes and
> > first applying the changes in a feature branch. Or, possibly, only
> > in the rewrite branch.
> >
> > [1]
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:Tre_kronor_af_Stockh
> olm&diff=prev&oldid=47268067
> I am aware there is too much tightly-coupled code in the library,
> which means changes like this can have consequences in an entirely
> different part of the framework. Combined with a lack of automated
> testing, making large -or even small- changes in framework code is
> dangerous, to say the least. Especially since the code *will* be used
> throughout wikipedia, possibly causing botwars and an enormous mess.
> As such, I would like to suggest - *strongly* suggest - not to
> implement new features into trunk any more. The much cleaner rewrite
> should be the place to put these features. This means only bugfixes
> and family/language updates should go into trunk.
> Comments welcome.
> Best regards,
> Merlijn
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