[Pywikipedia-l] Running the rewrite branch as developer/power-user [windows]

Merlijn van Deen valhallasw at arctus.nl
Thu Feb 17 23:46:34 UTC 2011

Hello all,

*As several people have mentioned they had trouble starting with the rewrite
branch, I decided to do a step-by-step log of installing the rewrite in a
way that is good for developing -- this means you are able to edit the
framework files, while not inflicting any changes on other users (or other
bots you run!) of the system. By using setup.py develop, edits you make to
the framework will immediately be used (no need to setup.py install them),
but only within the virtualenv.*

*This is the windows version of my earlier email*
I do not run python on windows, so this is a tutorial that starts with
installing python. It's a bit rougher than the unix one, as I did not want
to spend too much time on it.

1. Install python 2.7
*not* use the 64-bit version, due to http://bugs.python.org/issue6792 )

2. Install Setuptools

3. Install Virtualenv
start/run: cmd
c:\Python27\Scripts\easy_install.exe virtualenv

4. create a virtualenv for pwb
C:\Users\valhallasw>c:\Python27\Scripts\virtualenv.exe pywikibot
New python executable in pywikibot\Scripts\python.exe
Installing setuptools.....................done.

5. Go to C:\Users\valhallasw\pywikibot and use tortoisesvn to get the

6. create a shortcut to    cmd /k
    with working path C:\Users\valhallasw\pywikibot\rewrite

7. Use the shortcut. You now have a new cmd.exe window

8. python setup.py develop

Your default user directory is
How to proceed? ([K]eep [c]hange)

change, to c:\users\valhallasw\pywikibot\conf\
Answer 'y' to the warning prompt (not 'yes')

Do you want to copy files: y
[note: I copied my unix user-config.py to c:\users\valhallasw\pywikibot]
Path to existing wikipedia.py? C:\Users\valhallasw\pywikibot
NOTE: user-config.py already exists in the directory
Create user-fixes.py file? ([y]es, [N]o) n

(pywikibot) C:\Users\valhallasw\pywikibot\rewrite>echo SET
PYWIKIBOT2_DIR=c:\users\valhallasw\pywikibot\conf>> ..\Scripts\activate.bat

(DON'T put a space between f and >>!)

Close the window, and

9. Use the shortcut from (7) again

You should now have a cmd.exe with a working pywikibot setup!

(pywikibot) C:\Users\valhallasw\pywikibot\rewrite\scripts>python touch.py
Retrieving 1 pages from wikipedia:nl.
Page [[Gebruiker:Valhallasw]] saved

NOTE: you *must* use 'python' in front of the script name, or python will
not find the pywikibot directory.

Good luck!

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