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Amir Sarabadani ladsgroup at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 13:44:32 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,
Thank you for your enthusiasm around the logo. It made me so happy, and
also thank you for all of the feedback around the process, I'm certainly
Based on the feedback I want to say some notes:

With all other discussions happening at the same time this can be draining
and having a global pandemic going on is not going to help either. So the
deadlines are pretty relaxed.

It's already been a month (almost) and let's add three weeks for adding and
discussing proposals, meaning until 10th of August you can add and discuss
proposals. After that, we will have a month for the first round of voting,
In this round, you can vote on the logo designs in general, meaning until
10th of September you can vote on logos general look and design (not the
colors, wordmark, number of pedals, etc). The second round of voting will
be a month afterwards (meaning until 10th of October) which you can vote on
different variants of the top logos of the first round (like different
wordmarks, different colors, and so on) and after that we will move forward
with implementing the top logo and variant.

In short, there will be three phases:
 - Current phase (until 10th of August): Suggest proposal and discuss
 - Second phase (until 10th of September): Vote on general design of all
 - Third phase (until 10th of October): Vote on different variants of the
top proposals.

If anyone wants to help with facilitating discussions, I'd be more than
happy to have some help. Send me a private message and we can form a group.

Also, I would like to humbly ask everyone to be more mindful in their
comments, each proposal is a product of someone's creative thinking and
work. Especially avoid criticizing people. In other words, please be
kinder, we all can use a little bit of kindness these days.

Thank you.

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 2:39 AM Amir Sarabadani <ladsgroup at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> The current logo of MediaWiki was adapted slightly more than fifteen years
> ago and hasn’t changed since. This logo despite having the nice concept of
> sunflower, is old. The sunflower represents the diversity, the constant
> growth and also the wildness.
> Among its biggest issues I can point out that it’s a bitmap picture so
> it’s unusable in large sizes (like large posters) and it’s too realistic
> making it unusable in small sizes.
> Most, virtually all, software products use a simpler and more abstract
> form. For example, docker, kubernetes, Ubuntu, VueJs, React, Apache Kafka,
> and many more. It’s a good time for MediaWiki to follow suit.
> My request is for changing the logo of MediaWiki and I have no plans or
> interest in changing logo of any other project.
> Please show your support, oppose or your comments in the discussion page.
> You can also add more suggestions.
> The discussion page:
> https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Project:Proposal_for_changing_logo_of_mediawiki,_2020
> Best
> --
> Amir (he/him)

Amir (he/him)

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