[MediaWiki-l] About $wgEnableDnsBlacklist set to true

[kgh] mediawiki at kghoffmeyer.de
Tue Jul 10 22:27:22 UTC 2018


I configured a wiki to use`$wgEnableDnsBlacklist = true;` (also added
"$wgDnsBlacklistUrls"). So far so good.

Now I have the situation that a user (with sysop permission) cannot log
into the wiki because the respective IP-address was blocked. Is there a
permission or setting, etc. that will allow me to get the user on board
again without having to disable DNS blacklist checks? It is not the
"ipblock-exempt" or "proxyunbannable" permissions with the latter not
available any more anyways.

Thanks for your time.

Cheers Karsten

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