[MediaWiki-l] Please lower MySQL requirements in next release

Ryan Schmidt skizzerz at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 17:58:53 UTC 2018

Try installing MariaDB instead of MySQL. It is a drop-in replacement and the version available in CentOS 7 is recent enough to run modern MediaWiki once you enable the MariaDB yum repo.

> On Dec 22, 2018, at 9:44 AM, John <phoenixoverride at gmail.com> wrote:
> I hate to be a downer (I’m normally the one complaining about said updates
> breaking stuf$ but realistically major version bumps are needed. Ubuntu
> 14.04 is almost 5 years old and only has 4 more months of support. MySQL
> 5.5.x went EOL 3 years ago. You want to push support past that? CentOS to
> my knowledge is the only major distro with issues supporting newer versions
> of mediawiki. Mediawiki provides support for their LTS releases for 3
> years, and releases them about every two years. Forcing mediawiki devs to
> keep the same requirements for 6+ years is not reasonable. I will also note
> that if CentOS is shipping with mediawiki 1.21 they are doing it wrong that
> branch is 6+ years old.
>> On Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 11:17 AM Jeffrey Walton <noloader at gmail.com> wrote:
>> We use CentOS 7. Red Hat supplies antique software. It offers Media
>> wiki 1.21, if I recall correctly. It is what it is. We had to take on
>> maintenance of Mediawiki because we wanted to offer newer features
>> users. Skins and extensions sometimes need something newer than what
>> the platform provides.
>> We've managed to update Apache, Python and PHP using SCL
>> (https://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/Repositories/SCL).
>> However, we cannot get the MySQL update to work. We are stuck at MySQL
>> 5.5.60. MySQL 5.5.60 was released April 2018.
>> We can't upgrade to to MW 1.31 due to CentOS's MySQL. We tried to
>> install MW 1.31 but maintenance/update.sh died when trying to update
>> the database. We had to go to backup and restore the installation.
>> It is not just CentOS. Other OSes, like Ubuntu 14 LTS, are boxing
>> users. For example Ubuntu 14 provides MySQL 5.5.62
>> (https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mysql-server). MySQL
>> 5.5.62 was released October 2018.
>> Earlier I said "We've managed to update Apache, Python and PHP...".
>> SCL does not offer Composer. Composer is an entirely new set of
>> hardships. SCL probably does not offer Composer because dev tools have
>> no business being on a production server. While you may think
>> 'composer update' is easy, it took us a day and a half to work around
>> all the problems and exceptions.
>> Please consider lowering the MySQL requirements. Most helpful would be
>> to lower and freeze all requirements for the next 3 or 5 years. A
>> requirements freeze would allow us (and other users) to upgrade
>> Mediawiki without the hassles and aggravations.
>> Thanks in advance.
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