[MediaWiki-l] Scribuno / Lua problem

Peter Presland peter at wikispooks.org
Tue Dec 11 11:02:07 UTC 2018

A couple of months I had to reconstruct the Wikispooks site from backups
and had to accept the  loss of a few days edits as a result. I suspect
that the reconstruction process is at the root of the Lua/Scribunto
issue because it was also necessary to use a new Linux (Centos 7) image
for the vps and it is therefore quite possible that some obscure but
critical Linux or php config setting was lost/changed in the process.

So, can anybody point to a server module or config setting that is known
to affect Scributo/Lua editing and that is not readily apparent from
existing MW and Lua documentation? - which I have studied exhaustively
though NOT to say that I have not missed something glaringly obvious of
course - as you do :-))

Thanks in anticipation

Peter Presland

On 10/12/2018 17:27, Peter Presland wrote:
> I have hit a problem with the Scribunto extension which, after a good
> few hours digging,  I have not been able to  track down and fix. It
> manifests as an 'Internal server error' with the message ' The server
> encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to
> complete your request.' , but only when completing or previewing an
> edit. All affected pages still work fine except that their main template
> cannot be edited (The pages themselves can).
> The site uses about a dozen big and complex Semantic templates, each
> including up to twenty additional templates plus calls to the standard Wikipedia
> 'infobox' Lua module. Trying to complete or preview an edit to that
> module separately produces the same error aswell.
> I can find no related entries in the http error or any other log and the
> Infobox module last edit date predates this problem by at least a year.
> It therefore looks to me like a Linux server config issue of some sort,
> although I cannot recall any changes there that pre-date the problem either.
> Can any one offer any ideas please.
> Peter Presland
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