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Sat Nov 4 14:24:01 UTC 2017


I find this e-mail disturbing. The last point release was done end of
April with about 20 backports to the 1.28 branch done since. They have
not yet been released. Moreover 1.28 was released basically at the very
end of November last year so we are now down to eleven months of support?

Am I the only one with this impression? Is there any way I can do a
least a little bit of planning?

Cheers Karsten

Am 01.11.2017 um 19:53 schrieb Chad Horohoe:
> Hi!
> It's November 2017, which means that the 1.28.x branch of MediaWiki has
> reached the end of its life. Lets wish it the best as it moves off to the
> great big code repository in the sky. All users are encouraged to upgrade
> to 1.29.x which is the latest stable branch.
> Note: 1.30.0 should be out by the end of the month, we've already branched
> and are working on making sure the release is ready-to-go :)
> --
> Chad Horohoe
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