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Brian Wolff bawolff at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 05:40:17 UTC 2017

I think only the default value of wgImageLimits would actually do anything
for this. The other limits
Are only triggered for people with non default preferences.

If you dont care about things looking nice on high dpi displays (e.g. apple
retina type things) you could set $wgResponsiveImages

You could disable thumbnailing outright and transfer the full sized image
to the browser - $wgUseImageResize

Beyond that you could do something really complicated, like set up 404
thumb handling and then have a cron script use the find command to delete
any thumbnails that havent been accessed recently or are non standard size.

Hope that helps. MW thumbnailing really is not optimized for the usecase of
low hard disk space.

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017, [[kgh]] <mediawiki at kghoffmeyer.de> wrote:
> Heiya, it's me again about this. ;)
> I found out that the default generation of thumbs is tied to the
"$wgImageLimits" AND to the "$wgThumbLimits" configuration setting. If one
for example sets the following for a minimum initial creation of thumbs:
> $wgImageLimits = array( array( 320, 240 ) );
> $wgThumbLimits = array( 320 );
> Result: one gets in minimum five thumbs: 120 (default preview size on
file pages), 180 (default preview size on "Special:ListFiles") as well as
320 (default size for thumbs), 480 (1.5x of default size for thumbs) and
640 (2x of default size for thumbs)
> If one would change the setting for $wgImageLimits another three thumbs
would be created. To be frank, thumb generation is indeed not controllable
at all.
> Cheers Karsten
> Am 27.02.2017 um 17:54 schrieb Bartosz Dziewoński:
>> Other funny sizes probably come from the thumbnails shown on the file
page itself. For example, for this random file:
>> The main big thumbnail is 796×600 pixels, and the small thumbnail under
"File history" is 120×90.
>> Additionally, for every thumbnail, thumbnails with 1.5× and 2× sizes are
generated to be used on devices with high-resolution screens.
>> And additionally, you can set an arbitrary size for any thumbnail used
in an article, and MediaWiki will dutifully generate a thumbnail of that
>> As far as I know there is currently no option to disallow generation of
thumbnails of arbitrary sizes, and limit it to some preset list.
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