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Mon Jul 17 14:25:37 UTC 2017

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> On Jul 17, 2017, at 09:51, Andrew Geary <ageary at seg.org> wrote:
> We use a magic word/template to index one of our books we added to our wiki.
> The book is a dictionary of terms, so we organized using letters. For
> example, on the article page we've added {{#category_index:D|datum
> correction}}. We are currently translating this book in multiple languages
> and have started to see the index add multiple links to the same word -
> http://wiki.seg.org/wiki/Dictionary:D:Index. In addition, we have one
> article that has created multiple links with strange text (one example -
> delta
> UNIQ003571207dbef6cb-math-00000002-QINU,UNIQ003571207dbef6cb-math-0000000
> 3-QINU). I have removed all the html from the original article -
> http://wiki.seg.org/wiki/Dictionary:Delta - but the index still lists the
> links with the strange text.
> Does anyone know how to remove the repeating words? What issue(s) might be
> happening with the long, coded article? Is there a better way to organize
> the articles by letters? Thanks.
> Andrew
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