[MediaWiki-l] Translation extension, category index call, repeat words

Andrew Geary ageary at seg.org
Mon Jul 17 13:51:26 UTC 2017

We use a magic word/template to index one of our books we added to our wiki.
The book is a dictionary of terms, so we organized using letters. For
example, on the article page we've added {{#category_index:D|datum
correction}}. We are currently translating this book in multiple languages
and have started to see the index add multiple links to the same word -
http://wiki.seg.org/wiki/Dictionary:D:Index. In addition, we have one
article that has created multiple links with strange text (one example -
3-QINU). I have removed all the html from the original article -
http://wiki.seg.org/wiki/Dictionary:Delta - but the index still lists the
links with the strange text.

Does anyone know how to remove the repeating words? What issue(s) might be
happening with the long, coded article? Is there a better way to organize
the articles by letters? Thanks.

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