[MediaWiki-l] setting up a wiki-farm

Hubert Patrick (NHQ-AC) Patrick.Hubert at CSC-SCC.GC.CA
Thu Jul 6 13:49:38 UTC 2017

What I've done on Windows server is: 

- Setup Wiki1 under apache\htdocs\wiki1
- create the wiki2 folder under apache\htdocs\
- create symbolic links from wiki2 pointing to wiki1 for every file and folder under wiki1 except localsetting.php file and the mw-config folder
- copy wiki1 's localsetting.php to wiki2, and change details accordingly such as
$wgSitename = "wiki2";
$wgScriptPath = "/wiki2";
$wgLanguageCode = "fr";
Maybe the DB details as well, both of my wikis are using the same DB so didn't change them...

- You can also make a copy of the mw-config folder (and it's files) into wiki2 but not sure if needed.

You should be able to access both Wiki individually, having each in their own language.

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I'm trying to set up a wiki-farm using the instructions at [fn:1] which I know are a bit old, but I like using sequential installation instructions.

However, wiki-1 installs perfectly with no problems, but if I try and install wiki-2 it states "A LocalSettings.php file has been detected. To upgrade this installation, please enter the value of $wgUpgradeKey in the box below. You will find it in LocalSettings.php."

I've tried using the upgrade key but am unable to progress further. I've tried removing the LocalSettings.php, installing wiki-2 and then replacing the LocalSettings.php from wiki-1. Wiki-1 still works, but
wiki-2 doesn't.

Wiki-1 has a prefix of 'df-' for its mariadb with the intention of
wiki-2 having a prefix of 'tg-'. So they're using the same database but with different prefixes for their respective tables.

Both of the sites that I'm using are purely localhost, they will have no internet presence at all, and are just intended to be used for generating and checking new pages in their respective wikis.

So how can I easily install wiki-2, and perhaps others, too please?


[Fn:1] http://web.archive.org/web/20070715020649/http://www.steverumberg.com/wiki/index.php/WikiHelp#Minimalist_Is_In
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